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Horizon Academy Trust is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State for Education.

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registered office is C/O Biggin Hill Primary School, Biggin Avenue, Bransholme, Hull, United Kingdom HU7 4RL.

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Remote Education

At Biggin Hill Primary Academy, we understand the need to continually deliver high quality education, including during periods of remote working – whether for an individual pupil or many.

We recognise the importance of maintaining high expectations in all areas of school life and ensuring that all pupils have access to the learning resources and support they need to succeed.

At Biggin we will:

  • Ensure that pupils taking part in remote learning receive a well-planned and sequenced curriculum, which builds on prior knowledge and previous learning, in-line with those pupils in the classroom;
  • Provide learning opportunities that reflect the recommended curriculum time for their year group (EYFS up to 3 hours, Key Stage 1 - 3 hours, Key Stage 2 - 4 hours) ;
  • Ensure that learning reflects the classroom timetable and provides access to all areas of the curriculum;
  • Provide resources that are carefully selected to cover year group objectives and offer level appropriate work, taking into account the needs of individuals including those with SEND;
  • Give access to a blended approach to learning and provide a selection of live and pre-recorded resources alongside trusted sites to enhance their learning experience;
  • Promote the love of reading e.g. daily phonics, comprehension tasks and story time.

How does remote learning work at Biggin?

  • The day will closely follow the normal school timetable, where possible, and all areas of the curriculum will be taught in-line with the schools planning
  • Live registrations will take place on a daily basis to allow pupils to see their teachers and friends, take part in activities and understand the daily tasks
  • Pre-recorded lessons and tasks will be available on J2e each day, this will give children access to their age and level appropriate work
  • Teachers and support staff will be available daily to give feedback using live chat, voice notes, emails and the telephone
  • Marking and feedback will be given throughout the day and individual comments and support will be given daily on completed work
  • Weekly phone calls will give all pupils and parents an opportunity to ask questions, receive personalised feedback and access emotional well-being support if needed

For more information please click below

Remote Education Information 

The online platform we use for remote education is J2e, for how to guides and information please click below

J2e Information

For additional ideas, activities and support at home we have a full 'pupil zone' section of the website. Click on a subject area below to take you to the page.

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What does remote learning look like at Biggin?



How to stay safe online:

At Biggin Hill Primary Academy we take online safety very seriously and actively promote keeping children safe online.

As always if you have any concerns regarding your child's online safety you can contact the school to discuss. Please click below to be directed to our online safety page for further information.

Remote learning policies and plans

Remote Learning Policy

Code of Conduct